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Cuomo’s budget reveals over taxation

illegals upset freebies don't include them
illegals upset freebies don't include them
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Fresh after his defeat to gift $25 million to illegal aliens Cuomo finds a way to give away $2.3 billion in his latest budget. Buried deep in his 2013/2014 budget is a donor matching system which would force taxpayers to pay for his friends to run for office. If success is measured in dollars wasted and not results it is modeled after the “successful” New York City Campaign Finance Board (NYCCFB) which gave away almost $53 million dollars in 2014 races. (NYC checkbook) The results can be seen in the election of DiBlasio, one and half million dollars to Weiner for his unsuccessful run, and various schemes to collect the greatest amount of public funds possible. (Real cost)

Cuomo using the excuse of “fair elections”, a motto of “a penny a day keeps corruption away” and a million dollar ad campaign (ad) wants to see taxpayers financing all New York State elections. Since Cuomo’s budget only accounts for administering the program but not funding it we will have to pass it to see what it really costs. Current estimates by supporters who admit they don’t know the real cost are about $104 million to $162 million in a four year election cycle. Detractors put the same four year estimate at $331 million.

Cuomo can rightly claim he is just following the advice of the Moreland Commission to investigate Public corruption. That would be the commission appointed by Cuomo paid for by taxpayers to make a report on why so many in Albany are corrupt. Is it any surprise the conclusion reached is not tougher enforcement, smaller government but more tax dollars poured into the system? The taxpayer funding Cuomo is proposing will not be a dollar for dollar match but like Manhattans a six for one match. So if someone on welfare gives $100 to the candidate that promises to “help” the poor that donation becomes $700. Multiply that by the membership of the Working Families Party (formally ACORN), municipal unions, food stamp recipients, and whatever special interest group that is at odds with actual taxpayers.

The public funding proposal isn’t the only money Cuomo plans to spread around this election year. Also in his 2014/2015 budget is $1.5 billion for DeBlasio’s pre-school city babysitting service. Short on details but long on potential Cuomo voters, $400 million for renters’ tax credits. Which begs the question if the renter receives section 8 housing do they still get a slice of the $400 million? The building and real estate trade that donated so heavily to Cuomo’s reelection (NYPIRG) immediately see a ROI (Return on Investment) with $30 million going to “redevelopment” of Onondaga Lake, $150 million in state projects and $70 million in tax credits.

All told Cuomo has $2.3 billion lying around ready to give away. Is there any more proof that New Yorkers are paying too much in taxes? Cuomo addresses that by calling for a property tax freeze. No problem for Albany since property taxes fund everything local. That makes dealing with it a local problem dependant on the good graces of Albany to make up the difference. It is also not even a freeze but a rebate of taxes already paid.

Progressives like Cuomo like to talk about fairness and leveling the playing field while doing nothing of the sort. What would be fairer than an across the board tax cut for everyone? Time is short. Cuomo is hoping to get his budget through before March 31st. We are entering the window of time when politicians need our votes, an election year. Make them earn it and stop all the wasteful spending. Contact them today to show your displeasure in being overtaxed. If you are not sure who to contact shame on you, but use this link to contact your state representative in Albany. Remember a tyrant’s best friend is an uninvolved public.

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