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Cumbria County man sentenced to 80 days in jail for beating his young puppy

Dudley is living happily ever after with an officer of the RSPCA now. Have a great life Dudley; you deserve it.
Dudley is living happily ever after with an officer of the RSPCA now. Have a great life Dudley; you deserve it.

Liam Backhouse, 23, was sent to prison late last week and is banned for seven years from owning any pets in the town of Barrow in Furness, a county of Cumbria in England, for the egregious treatment of his two-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier reported The Daily Mail.

Backhouse pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by the infliction of physical and mental abuse, blunt force trauma, and rough handling.

The court was shown a disturbing video dating back to November 2013 showing Backhouse pick the puppy up and throw it across the garden. The pup literally bounced off a concrete step. Backhouse the threw a bottle of water over the pup, trapped the animal's head in a doorway and repeatedly kicked him.

A neighbor heard the puppy crying in pain and recorded the abuse just before he called 9-1-1.

The attack on the puppy lasted nearly an hour.

After authorities arrived, the extremely frightened puppy was rushed to a veterinarian where he was treated for bruises.

At sentencing, District Judge Gerald Chalk stated:

"The choice to keep a pet is a matter that is entirely voluntary but, once you choose, there are obligations towards the animal and they are obvious when it’s a very young animal.

'This is a small puppy that was defenceless.(sic) You have shown total disrespect for this animal and have terrorised (sic) it."

So what was Backhouse's reason for beating this puppy? According to his attorney, the puppy defecated in the house, and Backhouse stepped in it.

Previously named Titan, the adorable little pooch has been adopted and renamed Dudley. He is now reported to be a very happy, young dog.

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