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Culver City Ice Rink wins historical significance, current owners unhappy

Culver City ice design, courtesy of Save Culver Ice
Save Culver Ice

It has been an agonizing year as the Culver City ice rink faced closure of its facilities earlier this year. Karagozian, the current owner was ready to move on to a more lucrative deal with Planet Granite, the rock climbing fitness center.

Residents were unhappy with the current owner’s plans and made their views known to Culver City city officials. While the rally turn-out on Tuesday night, April 22nd was not as massive as in past weeks, the purpose was achieved. The ice rink building has won historical significance in a 4-0 vote from the Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission.

While it is a joyous moment for die hard ice fans of the Culver City arena, there is still the problem of “if and when” the ice rink will open its doors to the public. With the historical significance in hand, the decision has saved the building from being demolished but not from operating again.

The soil where the ice rink stands may pose some health risks to patrons and residents of the area. While everyone is anxiously awaiting test results, the waiting game continues.

As written in Save Culver Ice’s blog, die hard ice zealot, Steve Weinberg, described his encounter with the current owner and his family:

“The vote comes in and the ayes have it. I look over and the Karagozians bolt. So do I. I catch up with the cane wielding Armenian with a slicked back grey mane and introduce myself. It was the first time meeting him since our 1 hour phone conversation late last year. My outstretched hand goes unshaken. He turns to me and says, ‘Weinberg? I’m not happy with you and that Facebook stuff. That building is a piece of shit. We’ve been screwed for 50 years. Isn’t that enough?’ I say ‘I’m trying to help you…’ as he continues on with a brusk ‘Good Day.’… I stand dumbfounded.”

Still, Culver City ice zealots await the soil analysis to see if their beloved ice rink will soon open its doors to the public again.

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