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Culture war rages on

Future of the US flag?
Future of the US flag?

Opinion -

If anything is certain in the midst of the snowballing struggle to define, or redefine as it were, American standards of right and wrong, it’s that the gay lobby is applying unprecedented pressure to the sensibilities of citizens who opt for time-honored values, over and against the homosexualist’s proposed new matrix.

For many it’s nigh impossible to fathom the cultural paradigm shift – in supposedly the freest nation the world has ever known – where making a stand for conventional morality has become labeled “HATE” and often times far worse.

The U.S. has a president, vice-president, and first lady, who applaud the fallacious bravery of public declarations of homosexuality by high-profile figures; athletes, entertainers, and the like. Sports organizations like the NFL, MLB, and the NBA to name three, exalt open homosexuals to hero status, while threatening censure and castigation against members who dissent.

A perfect example of strident homosexual advocacy in sports: Over the past few days the National Football League, pandering sycophants that it is peopled by, announced its intentions to exclude Arizona as Super Bowl hosts if the state legislature there passed so-called “anti-gay” laws. As if there weren’t already enough evidence demonstrating the pro-homosexual position of the NFL.

Meanwhile Barack Obama, posturing himself as a Ugandan cultural ambassador of sorts, declared that country’s constitutional provision to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman as a violation of “fundamental freedoms.” One can only speculate what philosophical mores that could be based upon, other than outright hedonism of course.

Upon a sober examination of the tactics the homosexual lobby has put in place to force its will upon the masses, one is left with few terms that correctly define them other than fascism. Fascism in this sense is being understood to mean, “…any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism.”

The nation that homosexuals and their backers envision is one where every aspect of industry, politics, religion, and the public square in general is controlled by and carefully molded to their own particular and peculiar tastes. Opponents in such a nation have no voice and must be penalized by the homofascist thought police.

Although this is hyperbole (for the moment), the moral drift of the U.S. is decidedly in that direction. And if the purveyors of timeless values don’t step up the fight and engage the opponents head on with the truth, all could possibly be lost.

From government to sports to education to the workplace, no facet of life in these United States is being spared the onslaught of militant homosexual advocates. Heaven help the one who utters a word of dissension. Numerous examples are being seen all the time of the consequences for disagreeing with the dubious, force-fed principles.

And always poised and ready to strike, demonizing and marginalizing those chastened for their “homophobic” platitudes, is the complicit liberal media; making champions of the courageous souls who overcome the evil bigots – especially those who call themselves Christians.


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