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Culture of cover-up doesn't stop at VA hospitals

Culture of cover-up doesn’t stop at VA hospitals
Culture of cover-up doesn’t stop at VA hospitals

Inside sources at the Veterans Administration, the military, and the media, are digging down on the “culture of cover up” within the VA as a whole. It’s likely that media sources will bring the facts to light before the government.

VA watchers know that the “whistleblower” allegations of veterans dying while their names were on “a secret schedule” at Phoenix, San Antonio, and Fort Carson VA hospitals are the “tip of the iceberg” and they are outraged.

Here’s more: On April 1, 2014, the VA released an official report claiming they had “cleared” 44 percent of the backlog of claims from the previous year.

This Examiner contends the backlogged claims were not processed but also “shifted to a phantom list” to make the VA look like it was doing its job of helping American veterans. The entire process is scandalous.

This week, a certified Wounded Warrior peer mentor, assigned to transitioning warriors reached out to me. He indicated that navigating the VA bureaucracy is almost impossible without some experience and insider knowledge of how to work around the mounds of intimidating paperwork. He also acknowledged that ailing veterans might not have the strength or "knowledge of the system" to push through the process.

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