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Culture Clash Christian Fiction Comes of Age

My goal when I began writing was to impact culture. Looks like I've finally reached a place where I'm making at least a small difference. It's gratifying to see hard work finally start to pay off after seven years of wall banging.

My vision when I started was that I was going to be part of an army, somewhat reminiscent of the army of Gideon. Soldiers are rising up in the area of media to bring the fight for men's minds and, more importantly, souls to the attention of those who have ears to hear. I'm happy that there are people marching on my left and on my right and in front of me and behind me to battle that enemy whose most admirable trick is in deceiving people into believing that he doesn't exist. The goal is not to storm the gates of Hollywood, but rather the gates of Hell. And with a successful siege in that arena, we will see changes in Hollywood.

Check out this article which relates how Indie Christian movie makers are making waves by questioning the culture and the status quo of education, science, law, religion, etc.

Four films were mentioned here (along with TV show Duck Dynasty) as being examples of movies bringing the wood through a message. Two of them deal with the topic of evolution and the existence of God. I wrote one of those two and had a hand in writing another, Right to Believe, which I co-wrote with Chip Rossetti. That movie releases on Feb 4. It is flying under the radar right now, but I don't expect that to continue. The subject material is such that it will draw some attention. You might want to be on the leading edge and watch it before people start talking about it. You could be one of the people doing the talking! BTW: There is a companion novel as well releasing on the same day.

See the 5 star Dove Foundation review at

See the trailer at:

These movies are just the beginning. Watch for an avalanche of movies in this genre in the future as Christian filmmakers quit trying to produce things that will make money and enhance their position on the ladder of worldly success. And watch for the same in books as the movies start making inroads. So Christian authors and screenwriters, don your spiritual armor and wade out into the battle.

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