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Culture and teams, according to author Dr. Alan Watkins

Dr. Alan Watkins offers insights into culture and team development in his new book, Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership.

Watkins explains that culture is the collective attitudes within a group, team or organization, and they manifest in:

  • Customs: traditional practices that may be honored, not necessarily repetitive.
  • Rituals: stylized conceptual totems representing an aspect of culture.
  • Symbols: stylized conceptual totems representing an aspect of culture.
  • Dogmas, myths: unchallenged and unspoken beliefs within a system.
  • Metaphors: stylized stories used to reflect culture.
  • Stories: key bind narrative of culture.

Further into the book, Watkins details the seven distinct stages of team development:

  1. Unconnected -- Talented Individuals
  2. Dysfunctional -- Battling Experts
  3. Functional -- Dependent Experts
  4. Functional -- Independent Achievers
  5. High Performing -- Interdependent Pluralists
  6. High Performing -- Integrated Pluralists
  7. World Class -- Executive Fellowships

Trained as a medical doctor, Watkins is now an honorary senior lecturer in neuroscience and psychological medicine at Imperial College, London and an affiliate professor of leadership at the European School of Management, London.

  • According to Watkins, coherence is the biological state achieved when elite performers experience maximum efficiency and super effectiveness, where body and mind are one.

Coherence provides one of the most unique approaches to showing leaders how to be younger, smarter, healthier and happier -- which gives them the power to make decisions under pressure and achieve sustainable success.

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