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Culturally tailored weight loss guide provides holistic low-carb diet plan

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Are you seeking a way to lose weight, enhance your health and reduce your risk factors for conditions such as heart disease and diabetes? .Dr. Ronesh Sinha, an internal medicine specialist, says he's found the solution, which he details in his new book: "The South Asian Health Solution: A culturally tailored guide to lose fat, increase energy and avoid disease" (click for details).

We interviewed Dr. Sinha to learn more. He explained that he designed his book to help anyone "who is struggling to lose body fat and prevent disease." He's concerned that "many major ethnic groups like Asian Indians, East Asians, etc. have felt excluded from the mainstream dietary movement since it hasn't been culturally tailored towards their risk and lifestyle preferences."

The book provides guidance on how to attain a healthy lifestyle for different ages and stages, from children to seniors. In addition, there is "a dedicated chapter for women, who need special attention when it comes to achieving weight loss and overall health goals."

Dr. Sinha noted the following cultural traditions that he feels can lead to weight gain:

  • Cultural traditions that are carb-centric in the context of a low activity, sleep restricted, sun-deficient high stress lifestyle are especially susceptible.
  • Asian Indians with their dietary staples of flatbreads, legumes and rice are experiencing one of the highest rates of diabetes and early heart disease in the world.
  • These same staples are reflected in the Latino population. East Asians with a noodle and rice emphasis have followed closely as well.
  • The primary modification is to dial down the excess carbohydrate consumption and increase activity levels so they are more compatible while incorporating more nutrient dense foods and not fearing traditional fats like ghee and coconut oil which used to be South Asian staples.

For women who can't seem to lose weight, Dr. Sinha notes: "Women can be extremely metabolically complex when trying to achieve fat loss." As a result, he provides help to overcome the "fat-storing metabolic effects" of certain foods on women. Learn more by clicking here to get "The South Asian Health Solution: A culturally tailored guide to lose fat, increase energy and avoid disease."