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Cultural issues that complicate women's health

Modern women often feel that their clock is ticking when it comes to child bearing in our modern society
Modern women often feel that their clock is ticking when it comes to child bearing in our modern society

The female reproductive system is complicated and affects many aspects of the growth development and aging. What is often forgotten is that societal pressures can affect how well women are able to deal with the changes that go on in their bodies.

Historically women had children at younger ages when their bodies were stronger. There were societal and family structures to help young mothers to carry and raise a child. In our more modern and individualistic society, women are having children later in life and waiting until they are more mature and financially capable of raising a child in a smaller family structure. This sometimes results in problems with fertility and increases in pregnancy issues. The popularity of of invitro-fertilization and other reproductive technologies is a result of these cultural shifts. There are specialized Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners who are trained and certified to be able to help women who are having difficulties with getting pregnant. These practitioners are trained to use ancient medical techniques to work with modern reproductive technologies.

One other lesser known aspect of cultural change is the dynamics of how the shift in maternal age affects puberty and menopause. The process of menopause and of puberty both involve major changes in the hormones and physical and emotional state of a woman. These are times of change, instability and uncertainty. It is helpful for anyone going through changes in life to have family who can help and be supportive. As women have children at later ages, their daughters are reaching puberty at the same time as the mothers are entering menopause. The result can be a strain on the mother daughter relationship.

Traditional Chinese medical practitioners are skilled in helping people transition through these challenges. Herbs and acupuncture can be helpful tools in addressing the issues that women face. Society is always changing. It is important to understand how societal pressures complicate the natural flow of life. Society will keep changing. Helping people adapt to the change starts with understanding the stresses and pressures that people face.