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Cultural Cafe, a monthly exploration of food and culture in Boston, goes Ethiopian in October

Cultural Kitchen educates students on culture through food. Cultural Cafe is the expansion of this program to the general public.


On the first Tuesday of each month, Hostelling International features Cultural Café, an exploration of the food and culture of the Boston area. The events are both a cultural event and a fundraiser for Hostelling International.

Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant in East Somerville is Cultural Cafe's October destination.  Dinner will include vegetarian and meat combos, side dishes, and soft drinks.  Before the meal, the Fasika staff will demonstrate a traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

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Cultural Kitchen is an afterschool program that teaches Boston and Somerville youth about culture and diversity using cooking as the primary vehicle - just like travelers at Hostelling International learn about one another while cooking together in the hostel kitchen. Cultural Café gives the general public a chance to experience food and culture each month, similar to how the students learn in the afterschool program.  The setting is informal, and the goal is to build community, share a delicious meal, learn a bit about Ethiopian culture, and support a great cause.

Upcoming Cultural Cafe events include Cantina La Mexicana in November, Le's Vietnamese Restaurant in December, and Estragon Tapas Bar in February 2010.

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