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Cultivating a new friendship in the wake of the recession

Skiing Partners
Skiing Partners
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In the article Maintaining friendships during the recession you learned of some new places in Flint you and your friends could go without spending a lot of money.  The recession has everyone watching their spending.  It is easy to associate going out with friends means a lot of spending.  This way of thinking means not doing anything at all.  The recession is a major reason why new friendships do not get a chance to grow.  However, a new friendship can grow and you can save money along the way.  Try doing some outside activities, such as a day on the ski slopes and spending time at the park.

A great place to get your new friendship going is Mount Holly Ski and Snowboard Resort located just south of Flint.  Throughout the week they run specials such as Wednesday is men's day and Thursday is women's day, for example.  Even if you or your new friend are not skiers, take some lessons or just try your luck on the bunny slope.  For a day of fun you will not have to spend much.  You get some good exercise in and the most important part is you are building your friendship.  For more information on rates and specials contact the resort at: 248-634-8269.

Another way that gets you out and about with your new friend is taking the dogs for a walk.  Why not try this a few times each week? It is a great way to bond with your new friend as you walk and talk.  A great place in Flint to do this at is the Genesee Recreation Area.  The best part about this activity is it costs you nothing and yet you get so much more in return.  This is an activity that you can do together all year. 

The recession has caused you to think of different ways in how you live and how you spend.  You just take that same approach with your new friendships and find different ways to do things together while smartly spending your money.  And that is how you cultivate a new friendship.


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