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Cult of David Miscavige and North Korea dictator similar

Similar Mind Control Practices
Similar Mind Control Practices
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'The law [in Scientology] is: The closer to David Miscavige you get, the harder you’re going to fall,' says Claire Headley, who once worked with the couple. 'It's like the law of gravity, practically. It's just a matter of when.'

“Nobody sets out to join a cult. No one knowingly wants to give up their life, their needs -- their goals. They come to believe they’re improving themselves and improving the world and it is then they are led into a psychological trap. It could happen to anybody.” ~ Steve Hassan, Leading American Exit-Counselor

The Church of Scientology manipulates its members’ big time while emptying their pockets. And they are experts at this. The members still inside the Scientology Cult cling onto their last hope of salvation shutting the door to truth and real freedom. Many are of the abuses but live in fear.

Various members of Miscavige's family defected from the organisation, including her parents and her niece, Jenna Miscavige-Hill. Afterwards Miscavige-Hill wrote allegations of forced labour camps in the organisation, similar to those run by the North Korean regime.

On a recent visit to North Korea, John Sweeney writes about similar mind control practices and abuses in his new book: ‘North Korea Undercover’

“Such is the mind control at work in what Sweeney calls the world’s most secret state. On an eight-day trip the journalist whose screaming match with a Scientologist went viral online largely kept his mouth shut. He did this in the name of perpetrating a larger act of defiance, filming a documentary undercover for BBC’s Panorama and then publishing a book.

Mirroring Scientology in many cases, “with its one-party [North Korea], and dictator, Kim Il-sung, state cult of personality, network of gulags and population control through food, brainwashing and fear, the Democratic People’s Republic’s parallels with Stalin’s USSR and Mao’s China are clear.”

Understanding North Korea is like figuring out a detective story where you stumble across a corpse in a library, a smoking gun beside it, and the corpse gets up and says that’s no gun and it isn't smoking and this isn't a library. It’s like nowhere on Earth.”

“Part of North Korea’s tragedy is that it cannot evolve into a tyranny less harsh,” Sweeney writes. “The nation lurches on, zombie-like, pitiable, blackly comic and scary in equal measure.”

And with Cult leader, David Miscavige on the dictator ‘power throne of control’, corporate Scientology appears to be staffed with zombie-like robots, unable to change or evolve – just the status quo of, “follow the tech” and:

“"MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MORE MONEY." - - L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384

David Love

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