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Cull Controversy: Help Save Long Island Deer

Several weeks ago, New York State announced its plans to use sharp shooters to cull over 3,000 deer in Suffolk County, Long Island. The plan, which would affect Eastern Suffolk County, has caused massive outcry from local residents, animal rights activists and even hunting enthusiast. Most local residents and animal rights volunteers do not want to see any animals slaughtered. Hunters, meanwhile, are against the sharp shooting plan since they feel that annual hunting permits would be more effective than one huge massive cull that would involve the inhumane act of “netting” (capturing the deer and panicking them before shooting them dead).

Deer feel emotions just like human beings do.
Photo by Phil Inglis/Getty Images

The cull is planned to begin in February 2014 and involve federal sharpshooters hunting the deer—meaning that this blatantly publicly opposed plan is to be paid for with taxpayer’s money. Unsurprisingly, the sharpshooters are provided by the USDA, a government organization that has a horrendous history and notorious reputation for their brutal and unethical treatment of animals.

The reasons cited for the deer cull include the deer being “pests” that eat plants and walk near roadways. Although these annoyances are justified, most people who live in the area are used to sharing their neighborhood with the deer and feel that there are far more humane ways to control the population (for example, deer respond to birth control).

Animal rights activists have started a petition on to stop the culling of the deer. At present, the petition has over 10,000 signatures and the case of the deer has made the news both locally and nationally resulting in even bigger outcry. Protesters have been out on the streets in abundance on Eastern Long Island; on January 18, 2014 alone over 300 people protested in East Hampton. Although town officials have declared that the cull will go on, people are still fighting for the deer and keeping the pressure on to cancel the plan.

It is important for everyone, even children, to know that they have the power to protest governmental decisions that they do not agree with as long as those protests are kept peaceful and conducted responsibility. Signing a petition is an excellent way to show discontent. If you or your children wish to try and save the deer please sign the petition below:

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps save the deer!

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