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Cuisine of Denmark - Part Five - Dessert in Tivoli Gardens


Dessert Tivoli Gardens

Benedikte and Knud Kraetzmer, owners of The Waffle Bakery

Part Five - Dessert in Tivoli Gardens

Desserts are the gateways to memory, appealing to a sense that we take for granted on a daily basis. How often has an ice cream cone transported you back to being 10 years old, hanging out on a seaside pier one hot summer while waiting for your turn on the ferris wheel? Or a bite of icing reminded you of being a bride, handing a slice of wedding cake to your new husband?

Desserts hold the keys to whimsical times and places, and in Denmark, nothing is lost in translation. The sweetest sweet shop in Copenhagen resides, fittingly, in Tivoli Gardens, the famed amusement park and backdrop for many a childhood adventure. Vaffelbageriet (Waffle Bakery), owned by Knud and Benedikte Kraetzmer, has been catering to children’s and adults’ sweet tooth fantasies since 1906. Much love and care goes into the making of each dessert, from crunchy, sweet waffles… to the homemade ice cream… to the pancake balls known as aebleskiver, covered in raspberry jam and powdered sugar. The family’s dedication to fresh ingredients and nostalgic flavours makes each and every dessert magical.

As for me, from the moment I bit into a towering swirl of soft-serve ice cream covered in chocolate powder, I knew there was deja vous at play. This ice cream screamed ‘You ARE 16 again, and you CAN wing these rides without getting motion sickness!’ The next thing I knew, I was whizzing around on a magic carpet with the stomach of a pre-teen, able to go straight from the dinner table directly to the skateboard. I have Vaffelbageriet to thank for opening a window to my youth… who knew that time travel would be so easy? Not to mention delicious.