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Cuckold lifestyle: Statistics show the lifestyle is on the rise

Cuckold Marrige
Cuckold Marrige
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The past week has seen an increase in the news on cuckold lifestyles and cuckold relationships. On the road to finding alternative methods to keep marriages from joining the divorce statistics, cuckold scenarios are surfacing more and more. A situation where a husband watches another man having intercourse with his wife is a lot more complex than it seems and shouldn't just be regarded as sexual fulfillment. It would be ignorant presuming to know what goes on in a relationship, including a cuckold marriage.

Although this term might sound rather excessive, one should first explore true human nature before coming to any conclusions. After exploring what people really want then monogamy is much more far-fetched than sharing a wife. There are few animals that naturally mate for life. For the rest it's all about reproduction. Humans fall into the latter with affairs running wild due to becoming overly familiar with a partners body, resulting in boredom and sexual dissatisfaction. The promise to only have intercourse with one person is a conscious decision which doesn't line up with the nature of humans.

Alternative lifestyles like a cuckold relationship aren't bound to simple sexual satisfaction. The psychological reasons behind such a lifestyle are vast and cannot be discarded due to the unconventional light it is perceived in. The last thing traditional people want to acknowledge is their cardinal desire, once again leaving them sexually unsatisfied. Everybody has a certain something they would love to live out, but don't have the courage to express. Divorce rates will dramatically decrease if couples were allowed to break the rule of monogamy.

Typically men are regarded as the species that need to find different mates, but in reality women are wired to want multiple partners. In essence they will search for love and partnership. After finding a man who is capable of supporting her and her children in addition to himself, she will naturally start to desire male partners with good genetics. A women's orgasm is much more intense and masturbation or oral sex won't satisfy her in the same way it does a man.

The big question is why do men prefer a cuckold lifestyle? Why do they enjoy sharing their wives while they stay true? Men are primarily programmed to chase and compete. They don't really care who they have sex with, it is the way the sexual encounter comes about. When a man sees his wife having sex with either one or more partners, he gets jealous and aroused at the same time. In turn this leads to competing for his wife and charges his sexual desire.

Numerous studies have proven that a man instinctively gets excited when another man shows attention towards his wife. This means competition and ultimately very passionate sex. These studies have also proven that the mere suspicion of a wife cheating increases the urge to sexually satisfy her. This is human nature.

A cuckold marriage is probably one of the healthiest lifestyles because it is highly unlikely that the man will seek other women for intercourse, while the wife will feel very satisfied. Her satisfaction is hugely based on her husband's constant effort to please her. If she handles the situation correctly their physical and mental relationship can go from strength to strength without anybody getting hurt.

In the end all the focus is placed on the current relationship, rather than finding happiness outside of the marriage. The cuckold lifestyle has become a practice that has saved several marriages and why some people still attempt to belittle it is beyond understanding. Maybe it's time that people stopped fearing what they don't comprehend. Instead they hide behind religion and principals created by the conscious mind, disregarding what people really need sometimes.

Susan Gower is a sex therapist and relationship counselor who proudly wears a t-shirt stating "I love cuckold" and who openly discuss, even suggest, the option of this lifestyle. She agrees that constraining sexual desires never end well and might well be the cause for unnecessary fights. There are many different ways a cuckold can be incorporated into a relationship which makes it so great. Couples can agree on terms where they are both happy instead of just one reaping the benefits.

An open mind is a healthy mind. Accept it or not, a cuckold a day can keep divorce away.

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