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Cubs 2, Braves 0 - Game number 3 recap

Randy Wells
Randy Wells
AP Photo

First loss of the season, I think a couple Atlanta fans thought Jason Heyward would lead the Braves to a 162-0 season. I must say these game recaps are much more enjoyable to write after a win, but here we go nonetheless. It was bad enough to see the offense get shutout, but the Braves also lost Chipper Jones for an undetermined amount of time with an oblique strain. He said it felt tight before the game, but it got worse after a couple swings in the third inning, he was replaced by Omar Infante.

Player of the game - Randy Wells

The second-year Cubs pitcher flummoxed the Atlanta lineup over six shutout innings. The few Braves threats were wiped out by double plays. Wells is a good pitcher, almost Mark Buehrle like in his ability to generate a bunch of outs without ace-quality pitches.

What I liked

  • Martin Prado - The plucky 26 year-old has picked up right where he left off from last season, through three games he's hitting .583 with two doubles and three runs scored.

What I didn't like

  • Troy Glaus needs to hit a SAC fly - Look I don't mean to pick on the guy, and we're only three games into the season, for you math majors that's .018% of the season, but there have been two times Glaus has came up with the bases loaded and only one out - and he couldn't drive in a single run. Sure, I would love the grand slam, but in those situation you HAVE to get that runner from third home. It would be one thing if Nate McLouth wasn't getting the job done, but Glaus is entrenched in the middle of the order - he's in a run-producing role, and the Braves are going to need those runs, especially with Chipper out of the lineup.
  • The strike zone - Just to be clear, this isn't an excuse, I just didn't like how the strike-zone was called for either team tonight. The outside corner was extremely generous and more frustrating to me it wasn't called consistently.If a pitch four inches outside the plate is a strike in the first inning, it had better be there in the seventh.
  • Really Chipper? Three games? - I can't get mad at a guy for getting hurt, that would be absurd, but man alive if Chipper isn't the most fragile athlete this side of Tracy McGrady.

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