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Cuban windsurfer successfully makes his way to America, rescued by Coast Guard

Cuban windsurfer successfully makes his way to America
Cuban windsurfer successfully makes his way to America
S. Raybon

When the horror of living in a communist country is too much to bear, desperate people make desperate choices. This week one of Cuba’s desperate citizens paddled and floated his way to freedom, on a windboard.

Rescued by the United States Coast Guard on one of the Marquesas Keys, Henry Vergara Negrin, 24, a Cuban national, had spent four days at sea before making his way to an uninhabited island located some 20 miles off the Florida coast.

Of the three young men who left Cuba on separate windboards Tuesday, Negrin was the only one who made it to America unassisted. His companions did not fare as well; one presumably drowned in the Florida Straits and the other was found drifting just seven miles from freedom. He will be returned to his home country.

The Coast Guard said that Negrin was unable to move when he was found and had to be lifted to safety using his own windboard.

The Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act declares that Cuban migrants who make it to American soil will be allowed to remain. Those who are intercepted at sea will be repatriated. Negrin will remain in the United States.

The United States Coast Guard repatriates hundreds of "boat people" every year as they patrol offshore waters in search of drug smugglers and human traffickers.

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