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Cuban Memorial Plaza

Cuban Memorial Plaza is a focal point in Little Havana. You need to explore the history of Cuban-Americans. You can learn the history of Cuban refugees in America. You can seek out this great park. Its highlighted in Miami Walking Tour sites from National Geografic. Check out their tips at: .

Cuban Memorial Plaza is also the great site which highlights the Ceiba. Ceiba has alot of mystery and folklore. You can explore this tree in the heart of the Cuban Memorial Plaza. You can also visit the Fruteria in Calle Ocho. Pinarenos is a great fruit and open type market in the area to explore. You can go to the Wilkes Public Library and learn more about this site and Miami. Seek out books on the history of places.

Then head south and explore the Cuban Memorial Plaza. Seek out the mystery of the Ceiba. Sit and see the chickens cross this Little Havana neighborhood.

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