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Cuban Art 2014

There will soon be a Cuban Artist coming to the United States bringing his art to America. He is being invited by the Proyecto Multicultural Las Americas in Little Havana in Miami. This artist is one of many contemporary artist developing in Cuba. He teaches Art in Pinar del Rio in Cuba. He is also an independent artist in Pinar del Rio. As a homeschool family teaching art to your family. You might consider learning more on Contemporary Art developing in Cuba. ARQUIMIDES LORES (Nelo) is just one artist that is developing in Cuba . He is an example of Contemporary Art in Cuba at this point. He soon will bring his artwork and exhibit his work in Florida.

You can see many of his work at : . You can learn more about his art and learn more about how Art has eveolved in places like Cuba. You can read his resume at : . You might then try to get young people to try to use vivid colors like this artist and get them painting in your home. You might consider going to the Wilkes Public Library and explore books on Art and Cuban Art. You can consider attending his art exhibit in Florida or seeing the Virtual Art Exhibit which the Multicultural Project will provide to educate youngsters online about Cuban Art. For more information on the Multicultural Project of the Americas mission to educate youngsters on Art and Culture you can go to

You can consider learning more about other great Cuban Paintors like Wilfredo Lam at : . You can then take the opportunity to see how Art in Cuba has evolved and meet the artist Arquimides Lores ( Nelo) through his work and art in 2014. Take the time and get your kids exploring the world of art and Cuban Art.

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