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Cuban American Rasta musician takes reggae industry by storm

Johnny Dread officially released his latest album in August 22, 2014, Full Circle which is now available on I Tunes.

Cuban-American Rasta Johnny Dread's original music and eclectic style fascinate the reggae music industry.
Johnny Dread
Cuban Rasta Rocks Reggae Music World
Johnny Dread

Originally known as Juan Carlos Guardiola grew up on the basketball courts of Miami and entered college with a basketball scholarship at Florida International University.

Shortly after being enrolled at FIU he experienced a "majestic" transition from star athlete to professional musician.

Bob Marley's younger brother Anthony Booker was a key component to Juan Carlos Guardiola's musical transition into Johnny Dread.

During his successful career Dread was a founder and member of "Copacetic," a Miami band whose success includes topping the Billboard Charts top ten in 1997.

The group went on to discover other avenues but band members still remain friends.

On his own journey and path Dread landed on the beautiful island of Jamaica where not only did he experience enlightenment but he also produced his first solo album,"Scarecrow."

The album includes several sweet listening style of original music.

His latest album, "Full Circle," available on I tunes, features hits like: Traficantante, Socialist, Butterfly, One Stone and Rasta is King.

While expanding his musical talents he has produced and released several albums which are also featured on I tunes.

Dread plays worldwide at events in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Peru, Costa Rica and more, but he is best known for his driven beat on the Miami social scene.

The musical performer's voice is like no other artist. Very deep and soothing, reaching within the listener's very soul.

His message "Simple and truthful: Show the world that YAH love is what will heal." Dread said.

His vision simple, "Praise the most high and unite," and is constantly heard throughout his music.

Dread brings joy and music to events such as weddings, celebrations (professional or other), parties and local hot spots. All patrons and guests feel alive and with joy.

His talents grace his presences but his soul makes his mind and body one.

Dread's source of survival, "UNITY."

He knows exactly where his place is in the world and how his prophecy is being fulfilled through awareness and certainty.

Johnny Dread is approachable, kind and a reggae phenomenal performer.

Looking for a live band to sing at next event or for more information please visit the website, Johnny Dread, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pintrest.

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