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CUAO TALK: Be a Creature U like Any Other aka a Confident Woman

When you live in a city such as Los Angeles, it can seem impossible to get a man's attention. There are so many beautiful women in LA, so you may be wondering, "How do I stand out". Based on all the research I've done in the past five years, the number one thing that women found attractive in a woman is self-confidence. But what makes a woman confident?
Confidence is a state of mind. You have to embrace your mystique as a woman as well as live your own life. According to my favorite two authors, Ellen and Sherrie, (Authors of "Not Your Mother's Rules"), a woman gains her confidence when she begins to act and think like a CUAO (Creature Unlike Any Other).

For example, a CUAO doesn't answer texts at the drop of a dime (she's busy working). Or, when a CUAO sees a man across the bar at Rush Street, she doesn't walk over to where he's standing and introduce herself. She may gaze his way a bit, then goes to have a good time with her friends. He won't be able to resist! Men are naturally hunters, make them chase! Nothing inspires them more than a challenge or shall I say a little competition. I know what you're thinking, "guys in LA never approach women, and they want to be chased"; this is true for guys in LA, but you want a man. A man will spot you, find you, and beg to take you out to dinner, because he's never met a CUAO in a city that makes it so easy. Try it…

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