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CU-Boulder students get their own co-working space

Are you a student at the University of Colorado-Boulder and are you looking for a great place to work that is not the library? Believe it or not, the library is not the best place to study at. It is loud, crowded, and too busy to focus at time. Plus, you often run into friends who are not in the productive population of town.

So, what is a student to do? On Friday the Feb. 21, 2014, Spark Boulder opened on The Hill. Spark is a new coworking place specially designed for the needs of students. They have special student rates as well as normal, public rates.

How is coworking better than a coffee shop? At a coworking place, you get a great work environment filled with other entrepreneurs. Unlike a coffee shop, you won't have to overhear two girls gossiping about their boyfriends and, instead, you'll get to meet people who are experts in whatever you need help in. For example, if you need help with PhotoShop, there is probably a PhotoShop expert working there too.

Josh Hill, a local student and owner of a website reviewing the best grinders, stated "coworking lets me feel as if I work with others while still being a freelancer. Its really the best of both worlds."

Looking for other coworking places in town to compare? There's a site dedicated to that but, if you are lazy, here is a list of current coworking places besides Spark.

  • Scrib - it is located near Pearl street and offers free coffee. They also host events at Scrib as well.
  • CoLab - located right on Pearl street, CoLab offers all the other usual perks of coworking as well as a gym with shower.
  • Hub - located near Pearl street, Hub hosts the most events out of all the coworking spaces in Boulder. It is a great place to meet people for that reason.
  • Fuse - located near Pearl as well, Fuse is located right next to Boulder Creek and you get a very good view of the creek from Fuse. Highly recommended for the scenery.
  • Boulder Digital Arts - not located near Pearl, this coworking place is focused on designers and offers classes. Good if you want to work with designers.

With all these choices, what should you do? Most coworking places offer a free one day pass for you to check them out. Also, there is a coworking passport for Colorado that allows you to go to 10 different spaces in 6 different cities. Its great for the traveler.

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