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CU Boulder Humans vs. Zombies, day 3

CU students prepare to face the zombie onslaught.
CU students prepare to face the zombie onslaught.
Jess d'Arbonne

The carnage. The mayhem. The epic battle between the undead and the students of University of Colorado, Boulder.

Yesterday was the third day of CU Boulder's Humans vs. Zombies game. By the end of the day, the humans lost 42 souls to the zombies, nearly twice the casualties of Tuesday and Monday. There are now over 80 zombies lurking on campus, and the humans are getting down to business.

The day started out with a scavenger hunt on the CU Boulder campus. The object of pursuit was a vaccination card, a sort of "get out of jail free card", allowing the holder to avoid getting infected if tagged by a zombie. Unfortunately, the zombies found the card first and destroyed it.

The next mission of the day also took place on campus. The humans tossed a signal flare in an area, and had to secure the flare's location for five minutes, while under constant attack by zombies. The humans won this mission.

The third mission took place through Boulder Creek Trail to Scott Carpenter Park. As HvZ organizer Scott Serafin said, it was a massacre. The zombies won overwhelmingly, and took at least five human lives during the mission. The zombies, their numbers ever growing, were quick, tactical, and well organized throughout the game.

The final mission of the day was a test of endurance. Humans jogged almost a mile uphill to Chautauqua Park, where they dropped a signal flare. This was a success for the humans, despite a few casualties.

So the score from yesterday stands at a dead even, with the humans winning two missions, and the zombies winning two. Of course, the tables are turning in the zombies' favor as their numbers increase.

Stay informed, stay alive: Today there are only three missions planned. Check the CU Humans vs. Zombies website for details on when and where the missions will take place.

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  • Colin 5 years ago

    I am willing to bet you are the first embeded reporter to survive three days in this madness. Is any one filming this? I bet it would make a wicked awesum reality show.

  • Jess 5 years ago

    Hehe! Thanks Colin. Although, I think you could've just said, "You're the first reporter to be embedded in a ZOMBIE war." Though I am proud to have survived for three days. Almost not, though. On day two, I was taking pictures on the front lines when two Nerf-blaster-armed humans pointed their weapons straight at me. I yelled at them that I wasn't a zombie, but soon realized there was a zombie hiding right behind me, which was what they were really aiming at. I felt kind of bad for getting in the way. Damn zombies...

  • Tyler 5 years ago

    I was one of those two humans Jess! Thanks for reporting on our game. The articles are a lot of fun to read! :)

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