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CTA bus rider grazed when unattended gun goes off

CTA bus on the South Side of Chicago
CTA bus on the South Side of Chicago
Photo by Scott Paulson

On a CTA bus, a passenger was grazed when an unattended gun went off on Friday morning on Chicago’s south side. A woman was grazed on the leg as she was riding to work on the CTA bus that was traveling on 47th Street. The first report claims that an unattended gun fell from a seat on the CTA bus, hit the floor and went off, according to CTA officials. However, a follow-up report asserts that another passenger picked the gun up from the seat and it went off, according to the Chicago Tribune on Friday.

The follow-up report by the Chicago Tribune reports that her neighbor, who was sitting across from the woman who was grazed by the bullet, noticed the gun. He picked it up while thinking it was a toy gun or a lighter in the shape of a gun, as the gun was only about three inches long. When the man picked the gun up off the seat, it discharged, according to WLS/ABC..

A .22-caliber bullet discharged from the small gun and struck a vent on the bus underneath a row of seats. A fragment from the gunshot hit the woman, who is reported to be 47 years old. The incident occurred at approximately 6:30 a.m., according to the Chicago Police Department and the CTA officials. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

According to the woman involved in the incident, she was en route to work when the incident occurred. She also said that there were not many people on the bus at the time. The Number 47 bus was eastbound on 47th Street at Kildare when the incident occurred. Passengers on the bus were transferred to the next eastbound bus that came along on 47th Street. Police are searching video recordings on the bus to determine whether someone planted the gun on the bus or left it inadvertently on the seat. Guns are not allowed on CTA buses.