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CT scans in cats

A scan named after us
Karla Kirby

Yes, cats can have CAT Scans. Felines with neurological issues might go through a CT scan to have the soft tissue for problems examined. CT scans disclose the internal tissue in gray scale coloring. This permits the veterinarian to see if there is any uncharacteristic tissue, which is a sure indicator for a diversity of disorders, in the cat's body.

Felines who have neurological troubles or warning signs such as problems walking or behavior changes might be prime candidates for a CT scan to identify the issue.

If a CT scan is diagnosed, the feline is anesthetized so/he she will be perfectly still on a table that then moves into the machine that performs the imaging. An X-ray emitting device moves around the cat, and then the computer processes the images. The machine can also perform a biopsy on the area if necessary.

A CT scan is used to get a precise image of the body to look for abnormal tissue that might signify a cancer or disease.

The images can come out flawed, particularly if the feline moves during the procedure.

These images usually give a more complete image than traditional X-ray because it is a 3-D image. A dye may also be used to further improve the effectiveness of the technique when looking at soft tissue.

It is never fun taking your precious cat to the veterinarian for such a procedure, but it very well may save his/her life. Diseases caught early are usually treatable and sometimes eliminated altogether. It doesn’t take long and the ordeal will quickly be forgotten by kitty.

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