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CT native appears on American Idol

Gabi Carrubba
Gabi Carrubba

If you happened to catch the Jan.18th episode of American Idol(season 11), you would have seen CT native,Gabi Carrubba, auditioning for Idol judges, Randy Jackson,Steve Tyler, and Jennifer Lopez. Recently, Gabi appeared at Trod Nossel Studios(Wallingford,CT) and spent some time working on her new single,"Something More." Trod Nossel Artists pulled all the stops, enlisting teen songwriting phenom, Beau Badrick, who collaborated with Carrubba on the tune(the single can be downloaded at Gabi's website,

In addition to "Something More," the Trod Nossel Production team decided to record a second song to showcase Carrubba's vocals. Gabi chose "I Had A Girl," (recorded as "I Had A Boy") written by songwriter, Ray Zeiner, and recorded by The Wildweeds in 1967, under the auspices of Trod Nossel founder, Doc Cavalier. The song was contoured to give a contemporary feel with Beau Badrick on piano,while Tommy Cavalier called in John Scapulla on sax(Billy Joel,Diana Ross).

The song was engineered by Justin Watson and Ian Mereness, and produced by Beau Badrick,Tommy Cavalier, and Darlene Cavalier(Executive Producer). Show your support and watch American Idol this season."I Had A Boy," is available at her website,