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CT cop to gun owner: I cannot wait to get the order to kick your door in

Since passage of strict victim disamarment laws in Connecticut, some law enforcement officers have become more vocal in showing their views about law abiding gun owners in the state. Vision to America reports today that, “in a recent video between Mr. (John) Cinque and Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti, Cinque reveals that a Branford, Connecticut police officer told him, “I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to Kick Your Door In.””

CT laws requires registration of "assault" rifles and high capacity magazines

Cinque had a conversation with a state representative named David Yaccarino, who told him the purpose of the Second Amendment to enable the Colonists to attack the British during the Revolutionary War. The Second Amendment, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights, was written and enacted long after our country won its independence from the British.

Connecticut passed stricter victim disamarment laws, including requirements that owners of so-called “assault” rifles and high capacity magazines be required to register those items with the state. Tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners are reported to be refusing to register their firearms and magazines with the state, believing that such a mandate violates their rights under the Second Amendment.

Gun rights advocates have long stated that mandatory registration is the first step for enabling the state to be able to confiscate firearms from citizens. The legilation was passed by the majority of anti-gun politicians in the state legislature who were exploiting the Newtown School shooting tragedy to enact more victim disamarment laws in violation of the rights of law abiding gun owners. It should be noted that while several gun laws that were on the books at the time, were violated by the shooter at Newtown, and that none of these new restrictions on firearm rights would in any way have prevented the shooting that day.

Victim disamarment laws don't address the causes of crimes, or address in any way that which might reduce or prevents crimtes, they only limit the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

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