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CSR Bluetooth jewelry fuses fashion with function

CSR Bluetooth necklace.
CSR Bluetooth necklace.

CSR is launching a new line of Bluetooth jewelry. The jewelry will connect to other mobile devices to allow you to customize the color and brightness according to your mood, according a January 6 report by Venture Beat. You can also change the color to coordinate your outfit or to set a mood for the right moment. Is smart Bluetooth jewelry going to be the next big thing?

The company is expected to launch the jewelry at the 2014 CES tech trade show next week in Las Vegas. The line includes pendant necklaces and bracelets that alert you if you have a notification on your smart phone. You can also program the chip to display certain colors for certain notifications. For example, a blue light indicates an incoming text message while a green light indicates an incoming email.

CSR did not create the Bluetooth jewelry on a whim. They surveyed customers on wearable technology devices. They found that 72 percent believe that wearable technology devices need to look good, and 67 percent want the jewelry to match their personal style.

Cellini, a boutique designer, helped designed the jewelry so it functions with CSR's Bluetooth Smart Chip. The chip is also known as the CSR1012. This chip is designed for wearable technology. It connects to the jewelry to an available mobile device and draws its energy from a small lithium battery.

The Bluetooth jewelry won't be available to every consumer. It may run on the high end of pricing. However, it could launch similar wearable technology devices that'll be available to the mass market.