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'CSI' vet Alex Carter discusses 'The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom'

Based on the memoir by Delaine Moore, 'The Secret Sex Life Of A Single Mom' premieres Saturday, May 31 on Lifetime, starring Ashley Jones ('True Blood') and Alex Carter ('CSI').
Based on the memoir by Delaine Moore, 'The Secret Sex Life Of A Single Mom' premieres Saturday, May 31 on Lifetime, starring Ashley Jones ('True Blood') and Alex Carter ('CSI').

Catherine Willows might be a bit jealous. Alex Carter - best known as Catherine's love interest Detective Lou Vartann on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - is about to take on a decidedly different character in the Lifetime original movie The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom.

Alex Carter stars as 'The Duke' in the Lifetime original movie 'The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom,' premiering Saturday.

He plays "The Duke," a mysterious man who intrigues titular divorcee Delaine Morris (played by True Blood's Ashley Jones) when they meet online. Alex recently joined BFTV to chat about the movie, and his long history as a dependable character actor we always enjoy seeing on TV.

"I'd worked on a movie that [executive producer] Pierre David had produced before, and he invited me into the talk and he told me that he had this thing coming up and he told me a bit about it and that was it," he said of signing up for the role. "It wasn't really a detailed process."

It might have been an easy casting, but it's definitely not an easy character, as the relationship between The Duke and Delaine explores topics that you wouldn't expect to find in a Lifetime movie, or any movie, for that matter. The film is also a chance for us to see Alex as more than Detective Vartann or the villainous Jason Bly from Burn Notice. Not that he minds being the guy we either love or love to hate.

"After you've been doing this for a long time, which I have, you just kind of keep moving. And a lot of times things that are done don't get seen. So at some point, I feel like you've covered a lot of territory, and sometimes you repeat yourself," he reflected. "But it's always a little different...It's always something that's a discovery."

One of his favorite scenes from The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom actually didn't make the final version. "There's kind of a fun scene that we did in the kitchen and we cut the scene out," he laughed. "It was just her making breakfast, but it was kind of playful and it was a little bit dangerous."

"I just think it's more [about] the character's journey," he continued, "where she starts and where she ends up."

Being one of those familiar faces - his other credits include Nikita, Revenge, Beauty and the Beast, and Leverage, just to name a few of many - we asked Alex if he's recognized for any one part in particular.

"It depends," he told us. "I guess it depends on what's being streamed nowadays. I was in Boston recently, and it was amazing how many people asked me about one specific show, which was Burn Notice. I was like 'What the hell? I haven't worked on Burn Notice for a couple of years.'" Then he found out the USA series was on Netflix.

"Sometimes I'll get letters from people in a different part of the world...I think it was like CSI was airing in Asia. I think a lot of people recognize me from CSI," he continued. "Sometimes people will just say something that I'm like shocked [to hear]."

"I haven't watched my own performances in things that I've done in a long time. I'm not someone that looks back too often," Alex told us. "I've been writing and that's really what I'm working on right now. I just finished writing something and we're developing it.

"I'd love to do a play again," he added. "I haven't done a play in a long time, and I think that probably the best work I ever did as an actor was in a live capacity."

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom airs tomorrow at 9 PM ET/PT on Lifetime; stay tuned tomorrow for more interviews behind the scenes of the movie!

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