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CSI Conference: Halloween in New Orleans!


Three weeks from now the New Orleans Marriott will host the 2011 Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Conference, Thursday the 27th through Sunday the 30th. CSI is apart of CFI, the Center for Inquiry, which states its mission is to "foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values."

The Conference includes plenary sessions, breakout panels and other special events and speakers. Some of my personal favorites include: physical anthropologist Dr. Eugenie Scott, biology professor PZ Myers, magician James Randi and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss. You can check out the schedule here, and a full list of speakers here, which includes the famous Bill Nye. Halloween falls on a Monday, making this particular weekend that much more special, and one of the conference events is a Houdini Seance on Sunday.

Register for the conference, or particular days/events here and spend Halloween in New Orleans! See you there!

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