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Crytek: Players begin ‘Homefront: The Revolution’ with a basic set of equipment

Homefront: The Revolution
Homefront: The Revolution
Photo courtesy of Crytek, used with permission

At the start of Homefront: The Revolution, players have just decided to join in the resistance to free Philadelphia from its military occupation. As an oppressed citizen just like anyone else in the historic city, gamers shouldn’t expect to begin with the usual arsenal that is found within first-person shooters such as assault rifles and the like. Adam Duckett, lead designer on Homefront: The Revolution, told Examiner during an exclusive interview that players will start the game with a very basic kit of equipment composed of everyday items that they find laying around.

Anything that could be used in a fight for freedom using guerilla “hit and run” tactics could be included within this basic starter kit. With limited weaponry, the begging gear will be simplistic tools designed more for sabotaging the KPA rather than openly fighting them. For example, Duckett revealed that players could start with a brick. While it could be used to throw at someone, smarter players will get more use out of using it to disable key equipment belonging to their militant oppressors.

As the game progresses, players will gain access to better equipment. Gamers will eventually able to trade up from their trusty brick to get their hands on the kinds of firearms that they would expect to find within a first-person shooter. The danger of the KPA will escalate as the player’s arsenal grows. After all, any enemy that was challenging while wielding just a brick might no longer be so once fans acquire a sub-machine gun.

To try to keep a balance between the lethality of the current equipment that gamers carry and the challenge of the KPA, Crytek decided to gate sections of Homefront: The Revolution’s open-world. This should help players from getting slaughtered early in the game by overmatched opponents. After gamers learn the basics of the game and acquire enough gear to feel more confident in their revolt, then they will have the opportunity to freely roam around the map.

Homefront: The Revolution releases next year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition to a single-player campaign, the game will also include co-op gameplay where fans will create their own resistance cells.