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Crytek discusses what the role of side content is in ‘Homefront: The Revolution’

Homefront: The Revolution
Homefront: The Revolution
Photo courtesy of Crytek, used with permission

Like many open-world games, Crytek plans to give players extra content in addition to the main story campaign in Homefront: The Revolution. The game will place fans inside the historical city of Philadelphia which has become victim to a harsh military occupation. As it would be counterproductive to give gamers access to an open map and then only allow them to complete a linear story line, the developer will fill the game with various side activities as Homefront: The Revolution Lead Designer Adam Duckett exclusively revealed to Examiner.

In order to create an oppressed Philadelphia, Homefront: the Revolution will feature a multi-area world which players can explore. Some locations will be locked until later in the game, but they can be become free to roam once they become opened up. To give the city a sense of life and the game a greater amount of content, Crytek is creating a game that tells players that it is alright if they would rather occupy their time inside the game in ways other than engaging in campaign missions.

Duckett revealed that the developer is designing several side activities which players can participate in inside Homefront: The Revolution. Crytek isn’t just creating on kind of diversion either. The game will feature standard side missions which will task players to complete similar objectives that they will find in the main story missions, but these will cover smaller narratives that are completely separate from the primary campaign.

Additionally, to embrace the open nature of the game’s map, players will be encouraged to explore the oppressed setting of Philadelphia. Specific details of how this will be accomplished were revealed. Whether it is hidden collectibles or rare missions, Crytek want to make fans feel rewarded for searching the map. Finally, Duckett confirmed that there will be optional objectives within Homefront: The Revolution that are technically considered to be bonus content but still actually tie into the game’s story campaign. This will involve tacking key objectives in the open world but details on what that means will come later.

Homefront: The Revolution is currently expected to launch in 2015. The game will release on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC and will charge players with freeing the country from a harsh military oppression that has begun the second American Revolutionary War.