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Crystal Wellman reveils harmful ingredients lurking in cosmetics

Crystal Wellman reveils harmful ingredients lurking in cosmetics
Crystal Wellman reveils harmful ingredients lurking in cosmetics
Photo courtesy of Cher Murphy PR

The word "organic" is typically associated with using the purest most natural ingredients as possible. This is also the case with cosmetics products. But could it be true that although the label reads "organic" on beauty products that there still can be harmful unknown ingredients hidden in the formula?

Crystal Wellman, owner of the Crystal Clear Acne located in Va, is unveiling some hidden truths about potentially harmful ingredients lurking in cosmetics that we use daily. The chemicals are known as Phthaletes, lead, aluminum, talc, and FD&C colors and coal tar. Crystal states “Even being natural or organic doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing harmful in it.”

Here is a brief outline shared by Crystal Wellman, which highlights the damage that can be caused by each of the ingredients.

1. Phthalates. Occurring in many types of cosmetic and personal care products, phthalates have come under fire for their possible link to endocrine disruption and developmental and reproductive toxicity, according to the Breast Cancer Fund.

2. Lead. Often found in sunscreen, lipstick, foundation, and other cosmetics, lead is a neurotoxin, which can lead to behavioral and learning problems. It has also been linked to such things as infertility, early puberty, and miscarriages.

3. Aluminum. This metal is believed to mimic estrogen, which can lead to DNA damage. It is also under suspicion by many who find it may have an association with breast cancer occurrence.

4. Talc. A mineral, this has had mixed results that have linked it to certain types of cancer.

5. FD&C Colors and coal tar. Certain colorings can give people allergic reactions and have been linked to various health problems. Coal tar has also been linked to cancer.

The Crystal Clear Acne Clinic is a full service skin treatment center, which specializes in many skincare concerns such as acne, rosacea, and aging just to name a few.

For more information about the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic visit their website at

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