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Crystal Metheny arrested: 'Missile' shot lead to Cyrstal Metheny's arrest

A woman named Crystal Metheny was arrested in Florida for shooting a missile at a vehicle. This information is being confirmed by Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida.

Huffington Post reports that under Florida law, a "missile" can be interpreted to mean "a stone or other hard substance." It doesn't reflect an explosive or rocket-type device being shot.

The missile firing occurred on May 5. No reports of injuries were revealed after Metheny shot a missile at the vehicle. No one knows how she got a hold of the missile and what it was doing in her possession.

When the name Crystal Metheny came out in headlines, it immediately sounded as if it was some type of satirical alias -- as in "crystal meth." Other reports indicate this is the 36-year-old's real name and is not an alias.

Crystal was booked for shooting the missile and released the next day on $5,000 bond.

According to the report, Crystal Metheny was arrested in 2012 on marijuana charges.

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