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Crystal Metheny arrested: Florida story goes viral due to unfortunate name

A woman named Crystal Metheny was arrested in Florida, and the story of her troubles has now gone viral thanks to her moniker. The Orlando Sentinel shared the details of Metheny's arrest.

Crystal Metheny arrested: Woman destined for trouble
Polk Sheriff Department

Though the Crystal Metheny arrest story would be nearly perfect if hers was a drug-related arrest, alas it was not. Methany was arrested on May 5 for allegedly shooting a missile into a vehicle, an incident that surely has an interesting story behind it.

Metheny was arrested and released the next day after posting bond of $5,000. Crystal, 36, was also arrested on a marijuana charge in 2012. For those who wonder if “Crystal Metheny” might be an alias of some sort, Jezebel dug into the details to verify the information.

It seems that indeed this woman's real name was the one used in her arrest, and she did indeed run in to trouble after allegedly firing a missle into a car. Where did the missle come from? What pushed her to make such an aggressive move? Who was she targeting? At this point those details remain under wraps, but the world is waiting with bated breath to learn more about Crystal Metheny's arrest.

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