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Crystal Metheny arrested: Fires 'offensive missile' into car with kids, really?

Crystal Metheny shot an "offensive missile" into a car full of kids, really?
Crystal Metheny shot an "offensive missile" into a car full of kids, really?
Wikimedia Commons

Crystal Metheny is a name that conjures up the thought of a deadly drug and getting arrested for firing an "offensive missile" into a car sounds like she's some type of mercenary on a gruesome mission. Both her name and the report of the weapon she fired has put her in the headline news, according to Fox News Local on June 12.

If Crystal Metheny was Mary Jones and if the weapon she fired was reported by its commonly known name, a BB gun, then she would have probably never made national news, but she did. So what did the woman who sounds as if she was named after a street drug really do?

According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Methany, 36, fired a BB gun into a vehicle. In that vehicle was two teenagers who had just picked up a younger sibling, who is her boyfriend's son. She definitely endangered three kids if she fired a BB gun into the car in which they were riding.

The Huffington Post suggests they don't have to tell you what state it was that called a BB from a BB gun a "missile." They also said that in Florida a missile could be a "rock, bottle or anything else that is considered a hard substance when it is launched or thrown at someone.

When Mark Shrayber from the website Jezebel called the Polk County Sheriff's Office to verify the name of Crystal Metheny, as he wanted to make sure it wasn't an alias, he told them he thought the name sounded a bit odd. The person who answered the phone at the sheriff's office said, "Sir, this is Florida. We have a lot of interesting names here."

Why the police department called a BB gun an "offensive missile" instead of the shorter version of a "BB," is anyone's guess, but it has certainly gained a lot of attention. From the police reports description , its hard not to envision this woman loading a missile launcher.

No one was hurt in this bizarre incident, but when the kids got home and the mother who owned the car the kids were driving around in, saw the BB ding, she was not happy. She asked her kids how that ding got there and they told her what happened at Crystal Metheny's house.

The BB left a ding about eight inches below the window frame. The incident happened on Herrod Road in Lake Wales, Florida. Crystal Metheny is facing charges for this incident. Let's face it, if this story had a more realistic tag to it, "Woman shoots BB," would anyone pay attention? Probably not!

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