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Crystal Metheney: Oddly named, but not arrested for drugs, but for firing rocket

Crystal Metheny, an oddly named woman from Florida, was arrested last month for doing something illegal – but it’s not what you think. Drugs were not involved, though that’s what you may be leaning toward based on her name. No, Crystal was arrested for doing something far more bizarre – firing a “missile” into an occupied vehicle.

Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth / Wikimedia Commons

The 37-year-old was charged by the Polk County Sheriff's Office with the unusual offense. It’s not clear if Crystal actually launched a missile from a weapon into the car, or set off some sort of kid’s toy, firework or build-it-yourself science project.

According to the Daily Mail, this is not Metheny’s first run in with the law. In February 2012 she was arrested, this time on a drug charge (though again nor for crystal meth) but for possession of weed.

Writes the Daily Mail: “Crystal joins the ranks of other unfortunately named Florida individuals, such as Edward Cocaine.”

Crystal violated Florida statute 790.19, which makes illegal the following: ”Shooting into or throwing deadly missiles into dwellings, public or private buildings, occupied or not occupied; vessels, aircraft, buses, railroad cars, streetcars, or other vehicles." carried a mug shot photo of Crystal. The site added that in addition to our girl Crystal and Mr. Cocaine, a “woman named Brittany Boozel has crossed paths with Florida law enforcement at least six times.”

What’s in a name? Quite a bit evidently.

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