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Crystal clear - an interview with crystal healer Kailani Jasmine Moonstone

Crystal clear - an interview with crystal healer Kailani Jasmine Moonstone
Crystal clear - an interview with crystal healer Kailani Jasmine Moonstone
Kailani Jasmine Moonstone

New Orleans is full of characters.

The colorful artists and boisterous musicians, the skilled painters and fanciful writers - the creatives, the spiritually gifted, and the lovers of all these elements that make the Crescent City so unique. For New Orleans natives this vibe is fostered from a very young age, and with visitors - it pulls kindred souls to it like a magnet to steel.

Kailani Jasmine Moonstone, or the Angelite Oracle, is one of those extraordinary talents originally hailing from the Middle East who found her way to New Orleans. A tattoo artist by trade with six years experience, she is also a Certified Crystal Healer through The Hibiscus Moon Academy, a Certified Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master through Chikara Reiki Do by Judith Conroy, and an ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church. Currently working on degrees for Angel Intuitive and Psychic Mediumship through the Divine Blessings Academy, referring to Kailani Jasmine Moonstone as multifaceted is a monumental understatement.

Although some who have crossed her path may only be familiar with her tattooing skills, it was because of a former place of employment in Mid-City, that others came to know Moonstone as a sensitive as well.

"There were two spirits I knew of that haunted Mid City Voodoux Tattoos' old location," explains Kailani Jasmine Moonstone, "One was a man, who took a particular liking to one of the other artists there. I never really had much interaction with him, however he did like to change music that we would have playing to play only country at times, and he would mess with things like lights and the speakers."

"The second spirit I saw very clearly. She was, from what I gleaned from her, a spirit that would hitchhike. Basically, this type of ghost would attach themselves to a person's aura, and travel with them. This is what had happened with this particular spirit, who ended up being inadvertently dropped off at the tattoo studio. My first experience with her was when I was tattooing someone doing a side-piece. Out the corner of my eye I saw a Creole woman with a her hair wrapped up in a shawl, dressed in pastel colors. But when I looked up there was no one there. I soon realized she was trying to communicate with me. Now my personal feelings at the time on this was that as much as I would love to help I don't like being disturbed by entities at my workplace or my home. Those two places are sacred to me. One because that is where I need my utmost focus and dedication and the other because it's my sanctuary."

"Anyway going back to this particular spirit. One night, I was at the shop very late. Everyone else had left apart from the apprentice and I had finished up for the night. I set the alarm as normal and the apprentice headed to his car. I immediately felt someone behind me and as I was locking the door, I felt her trying to attach herself to me. I immediately thought and said out loud, 'No! I am sorry, but I cannot help you.' The next day, I spoke about my experience with one of the artists, who had mentioned one of the female artists had had a similar experience. I went to her and asked her what she saw just to make sure. She described the woman to me in great detail and everything she described was what I had seen. I told her this and she also told me that the ghost had attached herself to her, making a rather surprising appearance when she was in the shower. We had both gathered that this spirit, though meant no harm, was attaching herself to others without consent. Which in itself is not good, feeding off the energy of others. She was desperately looking for someone, we never found out who, and was very scared. In the end, the other artist had someone help her to remove her from her aura and help her to where she needed to be."

"It was shortly after or before this incident, I can't quite remember now, that I decided to carry crystals. I bought some black tourmaline that I had been drawn to, would place it either in my pocket whilst I worked, or near my station. The qualities of black tourmaline are quite interesting to me. The structure of the crystal itself is piezo electric, meaning to conduct current due to the high levels of iron within the crystalline structure. If you were to place black tourmaline in water for a long amount of time it would start to rust. Because of the levels of iron within this crystal, it can help one feel grounded, and therefore aid in concentration and focus - which is definitely needed in my line of work. The bonus is that because it is also good for combating harmful EMF - electro-magnetic fields created by electronics, as well as various other sources - and it is particularly good at dispersing negative and translating into positive. Therefore any harmful spirits are blocked. It also helps to keep negative thoughts, feelings and people away. So particularly good for combating psychic vampires, something I run into a lot in my line of work due to the amount of energy I put out."

"I'm somewhat of a psychic battery as it were," she adds.

How was it exactly that Moonstone became aware of her gifts?

"I have always had an affinity for crystals but really started seriously pursuing my spiritual journey in 2012. Though when I was a teenager, I had been tapped, as it were, by spirits and guides, including my ancestors, [but] I did not know it at the time. I have definitely always been interested in more holistic approaches in terms of healing as well as new age."

"I remember when I was a child that whenever I would hold crystals and sometimes objects that I would feel almost like an electric buzzing sensation in the palms of my hands. I never knew why until I completed my crystal therapy course, where I learned that the nadis - extra sensory nerves that are all over the body - in my palms were very sensitive to energy fields. This buzzing sensation in my hands was basically me feeling the energy emanating from the object I would be holding at the time."

"Reading books, studying, meditating, learning from my guides and my ancestors, I have since come to find that much of my ability to be a healer and energy worker is from intuition and also feeling. I'm also naturally clairaudient and have some empathic abilities as well as clairvoyance. This is not something that just one 'special' person has. We all have these extra sensory abilities, some naturally forming, or even some which can be strengthened through different exercises."

"Herbs and crystals have always been of interest to me, especially for their healing essences. This is what I tend to work with the most, as well as body work."

"My ancestors on my Filipino side, the tribes, have contacted me via dreams and spoken word, as well as through meditation, and my natural abilities they have known and used in their way of life when they had been alive. There is still much I don't know about my ancestors, save to say that they were a tribe in the Philippines who would use herbs and stones to heal others. They would also have a shaman, usually a woman, who would not only be in charge of life events such as deaths, births, marriages, and be the one to heal both physically and emotionally, but also be the one who would tattoo sacred markings upon the other members of the tribe. Which, to me is fascinating, as of course that is what I do on a daily basis. I have been informed that this was always planned for me, that I was put on this path from the moment I was born, to become in modern day what I would have been back then. That I have in my DNA, the memories as it were of them and my knowledge that I had intuitively spiritually wise."

In her readings for customers, Moonstone likes to focus on the positive...

"I think that it's really to do with outlook. The cards I use for readings are Oracle cards, and the decks I have been drawn to are always more positive. It's really a frame of mind. You are what you perceive, and therefore so is the world around you. What you put out there is what you get back. It's really an exchange of energy. It can be hard to be positive all day, every day, don't get me wrong, but thinking healthily in a more positive manner and at least trying to be that way helps a great deal."

"Often when there are obstacles in the way of our goals, or if we are going through a hard time, it's a lesson. And each lesson learned is actually a blessing, because now you are equipped and have the knowledge you didn't have before. It can be hard on a physical level because we are all here for the human experience and therefore feeling pain and hurt are very much a part of that. But on a spiritual level, it helps us gain an understanding and also hopefully learn from the mistakes so that we can ultimately grow. Sometimes, people are not willing to learn from mistakes, and unfortunately can be destined to repeat them. Despite what people may think, everything they have around them in their world is in their control. They can choose whether or not to get up out of bed and go to work, or not. So when someone says, 'oh my life is really difficult right now,' perhaps adjusting their frame of view can help. Things happen when they are supposed to happen, and when the physical, mental and spiritual body are ready to move on, it happens. If not, then they stay where they are."

"Readings in general are a snap shot of what is going on in your life at this present moment. Or in six months to a year, whatever the reading is about. Tarot and oracle cards are a form of divination. Basically, like a three-way conversation with the Universe, or Higher Self. I say three-way because you have the querent, the reader or translator, if you will, and the cards, or whatever you are using. So you ask a question, and the reply is in the form of the divination, which is interpreted to you via the reader. And depending on the outcome of the reading, you can choose to heed the advice given and change your path, or not. It doesn't dictate your life, but it certainly helps you if you are in a bind and would like to know what your options are. I see it as a psychic planner. With plan a, b, c. - and you can choose which plan best suits your needs, sort of thing."

"All of this starts with you. If you wake up and think, 'oh my day will be awful,' then you are basically sending out a message saying you are going to have a bad day. This energy is then manifested into creating that for you. Thoughts, like electricity are very powerful. It's a form of energy because we focus upon them. So are words and actions. That's why people use affirmations to get them through something, and that's why when you have that one friend who's life is always crazy dramatic, it's usually always that way because they manifest that for themselves. They say they are miserable but focus so much energy in the thought of being miserable therefore they become it. I think therefore I am type of attitude."

"So what I try to give people is that tool to remember that they are in complete control of everything they want and need and do in life. They hold the reins! And I remind them that life is a wonderful thing. That no matter what circumstance you find yourself in, you will always be fine. That you will always succeed should you choose to. If it's not right now, it will be soon, but that depends on you. You are never powerless. An example would be, if you became homeless right now, at this very moment, you would never be on the street. Friends and family would give you a place to stay until you got on your feet. No matter how dire the situation, you will be fine, and get to where you need to be. It's never game over."

And those who know Moonstone personally, or have worked with her in one facet or another, know just how upbeat of a person she herself is - exuding cheer, flexibility, and creativity.

"You think, therefore you are. Don't get me wrong, sometimes life can be challenging, but we need these things sometimes. Life is ultimately what you want it to be. You are the creator of your own story, you can choose to turn the page, to create a new chapter, or not. How you deal with obstacles, problems, people, events, is what shapes you, as well as your experiences and people you meet along the way. The biggest part of that is that you are in charge of what you let into your life, and that includes people. It's hard sometimes to be a cheerful person, but there are crystals that can help you along the way with that," she laughs, "Which would be citrine, if you were wondering. There are times when I feel down, tired, stressed, and simply using herbs and crystals can help reaffirm where I need to be. If you aren't spiritually inclined, that's fine too. You can write notes to yourself on post it notes that are positive to help realign your thoughts. You can stay away from things that are draining on your energy [like] excessive partying, certain stressful people - social networking for example. Look after yourself. Take time out to give yourself time to rest. Pedicure, massage, lie in, yoga, meditation, run in the park, whatever it is you need. If you can't look after yourself and be happy with yourself, physically and mentally, how can you be of any use to anyone else? And how can you be happy?"

With all of her skills and talents, she obviously wants to help people in life, but what is the main thing that she'd like to provide her clients that they can take going forward?

"If anything, part of my life purpose is to positively change lives. Whether that be in a physical manner (tattoos), or spiritually, or even mentally. I help remind others that they have the power to make choices, achieve goals. To help them help themselves. As well as assist with spiritual healing, balancing chakras, helping others manifest goals and such. I'm here to remind you that you can do whatever you want to! Be whomever you want to be. As long as it's in a positive manner and is best for you. If I can help someone develop their spiritual path, that's awesome! But of course, this is all very personal, and though I am here to help, I am not the all omnipotent being or godhead. So I may not have all the answers people seek, but I can definitely get them in the right direction."

As far as Moonstone's services go, the crystal healing, reiki, tarot readings, and so forth - what is her favorite of these to provide when working with customers?

"I would say I enjoy crafting spell bottles and mojo bags. I love manifesting energy into a physical format, as I love to work with my hands. It becomes a beautiful work of art that is tangible, using all the senses to use it and interact with it. It does take quite a lot of concentration, but I have a lot of fun doing it, so therefore all the positive energy out into it gives it an extra pop."

"I also enjoy doing readings, because it's the interaction and personal messages I like to convey. Communication is a big thing, and I feel that if I can help someone get that step closer to achieving what they need to, even if it's just ease of mind gives me satisfaction."

Some might not think that tattooing and healing aren't connected at all, but in Moonstone's case they most certainly are...

"Oh definitely! My ancestors were telling me that tattooing was part of me, it's in my DNA in more ways than one. Tattoos can be spiritual marks on the soul. Even if it's just a positive word, such as believe, that can be a positive affirmation that you can carry around with you everywhere."

"Not only that, but whatever tattoo I do, whether it's just for fun or has a deeper meaning, the energy I give with it is part of the service, part of the healing. A lot of people come to me because they feel happy to get tattooed and also talk to me. It should be a positive experience. People sometimes get tattooed when they are down, or if a loved one has passed. Part of what I do is to help them feel better, or more confident, or happy, whatever it is they are seeking at that time. And that in itself is bodywork, energy work."

"I do, as part of this, have to make sure that I guard myself psychically too when tattooing. From psychic vampires, negative people or energy, and even just absorbing either feelings or energy of others. Always good to take precautions. The first rule I learned as a healer, reader etc, is not to give my energy along with these energy works. That is incredibly draining. If you draw the energy from the Universe alone, that is not draining at all."

Talk about burning the candles from both ends - as an extremely busy and in-demand tattoo artist in addition to her healing work, Moonstone is also married as well. Just how does she juggle all these aspects of her life and still have time to do things she enjoys like going out to see the Rebirth Brass Band?

"It is a challenge, I won't lie! I have actually recently had to revise how I do things tattoo wise. The biggest thing is learning how to schedule things to make sure enough time is given for any of these things. I am beginning to do less walk-ins tattoo wise, and more appointments on these days, and scheduling everything I do with that during work hours, and no longer outside of that like I used to do before. I've had to put my phone on airplane mode whenever I come home so that I can leave work at work as sometimes I get calls and texts at all hours of the day and night!"

"Spiritually, all of that work I do on appointment only, and with the mojo bags and such, I have a waiting period of four to six weeks so that I can make sure everything is how it should be. Readings are also set up via appointment, where I can set aside time where there can be no distractions."

"There are times where I don't go out as often as I would like, and it can be difficult to get to spend the right amount of time with my husband. But, that's also why my phone is off when I get home too," Moonstone chuckles.

"I have always wanted to get the most out of life I can, so for me I find it hard to not be doing something. I want to say at the end of this life that I experienced, learned, and did as much as I could with the time I had, and anything I left out maybe I can experience in the next go around!"

To learn more about the Angelite Oracle's products and services please visit her website by clicking here, and be sure to like her on Facebook as well.

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