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Crystal Bowersox in lace and jeans at American Idol press conference

American Idol Season 9 Top 4 Finalists
AP Photo: American Idol Season 9 Top 4 Finalists

Top 4  finalists (L-R) Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze and Michael Lynche attended the American Idol press conference last Friday in Hollywood, California.

Front-funner Bowersox said, at that point, they are all winners who will "be really successful" after American Idol Season 9.  Excited about recording "original material" with "real organic roots", she is also happy to collaborate with fellow guitar-playing Idol hopefuls.

Alhough the only-female contestant, the dreadlocked indie artist enjoys being one of the boys.  To recently-ousted Aaron Kelly, however, Bowersox felt like a proud mother of a 17-year-old who have come that far in Idol.

Mother Bowersox's big and little Tony

Bowersox clarified her show-quitting story that "was blown out of proportion."  The 24-year-old Bohemian folk singer admitted missing her son and Idol host Ryan Seacrest helped her realize the importance of American Idol for her family's sake.

Speaking of family, MamaSox is a single mother to baby Tony whose real father is also Tony.  Separated, she now has another Tony to whom she proudly dedicated her Shania Twain's No One Needs to Know song.  Yes, interesting enough, there are three Tonys in the life of this former subway busker!

Mamasox was happy to see her "little man" Tony and love-of-her-life Tony Kusian in Hollywood and when the former said "Mama, mama!" upon seeing her on TV.

I hope that he'll grow up and look back and be proud to know that his mom did everything she possibly could to make his life better.  He'll go through that phase 'I hate you' and then he'll get older and well be friends again and he'll be happy." 

Metropark's WYL Glora lace top
Metropark's WYL Gloria lace top worn by Crystal
Bowersox during the American Idol press conference

Crystal Bowersox style watch

Bowersox shopped with Idol stylist Soyon An in  Westfield Century City last March.  The Boho-chic fashionista was vocal about her choice of clothing and accessories.

She bought the WYL Gloria lace top from Metropark (inset) and wore it last Friday during the American Idol press conference in Hollywood.

Sat among the other Top 4 finalists James, Dewyze and Lynche, Bowersox showed a hint of summer in denim jeans and flip flops.

American Idol Top 4: meet with the press (photos)

Crystal Bowersox: Boho style to classic elegance

Next Tuesday, Jamie Foxx mentors for the songs-of-the-cinema.  Bowersox will aim for Top 3 American Idol hometown visit week so she can see her family in Ohio, bass player Frankie Manny and her mural at Papa's Tavern  in Toledo.

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