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Cryptids in Hannibal, Missouri?

The week of August 18, 2014 was certainly a weird one in America’s Hometown of Hannibal, Missouri where I currently make my life.

It all began that Thursday night about 11 p.m. or so when I was taking my dog Goku for a walk around the high school. As we approached the back parking lot next to the football practice field, I noticed an animal moving rather oddly at the other end of the lot.

My first thought was to ask myself if that might be a cat. It was too big…and it was moving so peculiarly. A fox, perhaps? The coloring didn’t seem right…and again…it was moving in a very odd manner.

I continued to move closer to it to try to get a better look. Goku didn’t really seem to notice it yet. Of course, he is an older dog now and doesn’t see or hear as well as he used to.

The little guy seemed to be exploring the southern end of the parking lot. As it moved closer to the light post, its head turned our way. The creature appeared to be black with a white face. I just got a quick glimpse before it turned and headed into the shadows.

I looked for it a bit, but as we got nearer to that area, Goku seemed to become anxious. Arriving at the exact area where the creature had been scampering around, Goku detected a scent. He then behaved in a most unusual manner that I had never seen him exhibit before.

He started running pell-mell in the opposite direction pulling me along on the leash at speeds we hadn’t attained for years. He was panting and wheezing as he flew across the field, and did not stop until we reached the road.

Arriving back at home, I proceeded to tell my daughter the tale of what had just occurred on my walk with Goku. Her eyes were big as she told me she and her dog Hopi had encountered what had to have been the same creature a couple of nights previously.

When she saw the animal, it was on the east end of the practice field. She initially asked herself if it was a cat, but also felt it was too large and was moving oddly. She didn’t get a look at the coloring.

The following Saturday, I told the story to my mom and stepdad. Interestingly, they told me that my stepbrother, Mark, had seen a weird creature that very afternoon as he was driving across the viaduct from the south side of Hannibal into the downtown area. He thought it looked like a Chupacabra. He turned around and went back to try to find it, but to no avail.

Two days after this, my friend Mr. Bill called me early one morning to tell me he had heard the strangest sound he had ever heard in his life the night before. He lives out in the country on the southwestern outskirts of town. He had never heard anything like it. It was a bloodcurdling kind of scream. He couldn’t imagine what it could be.

Now, any one of these events wouldn’t give me cause for alarm; but, the fact that they all occurred within a week span of time causes me to wonder…are there cryptids in Hannibal?

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