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Cryptic Studios’ MMORPG ‘Neverwinter’ coming to Xbox One consoles

An environment screenshot from Neverwinter
An environment screenshot from Neverwinter
Photo courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment

Slaying enemies in an action combat environment, creating custom content in the Foundry, and experiencing the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms universe are just a few aspects of Neverwinter. The free-to-play MMO is popular among fans of the franchise and MMO enthusiasts alike, and it’s about to reach even more players. On July 30, developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced that Neverwinter will be making its way to the Xbox One.

The game will be the first free-to-play title from the developer and publisher together to make it onto a console. Cryptic Studios’ Champions Online was once hoped to show up on Xbox 360 but never did. Perfect World Entertainment’s free-to-play shooter Blacklight Retribution appears on Playstation 4 right now, but the combination of developer and publisher has yet to be seen on consoles.

Perfect World Entertainment started work with a console division back in December 2013 when Blacklight Retribution made its beta debut on Playstation 4. The Neverwinter console version is expected to include the same content as the PC version with late game releases to the PC version being added post console launch according to an IGN article. It’s also said that no cross-platform play will be available when it comes to the Xbox One version of the game.

The Cryptic Studios engine used on games like Champions Online and Neverwinter has a bit of controller support built in. Players have resourcefully used that to play those games with a controller on the PC. With the release of a console version of the game, the technology will be polished and refined for the Xbox One.

In the press release, it is stated that the title will come “first” to Xbox One which may imply a release on Playstation 4 in the future. Xbox One players can expect the game sometime in the first half of 2015. On Xbox One, the free-to-play Neverwinter will require Xbox Live Gold to play.