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Crying baby disrupts fancy restaurant: What's your opinion?

A couple of weeks ago a couple were ridiculed for bringing their crying infant to an upscale restaurant. The restaurant Alinea is known for their king crab, oyster leaf, razor clam, and now crying babies. Alinea is the type of restaurant which requires reservations. The menu items cost anywhere from $210 or higher.

Is this restaurant appropriate for babies

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There was a big debate on whether restaurants of the upper echelon should allow customers to bring infants and small children. The co-owner Nick Kokonas, says that is not the first time someone has brought a baby to the restaurant. He states, “We’ve had babies before, it’s never about the kids, it’s always about the parents.” writes: The tweeting masses had a lot to say on the subject. According to Chicago food writer Michael Nagrant, "You do not take a baby to Alinea. Unless the babysitter cancelled last minute and Alinea would not refund your ticket. No other debate." Saveur's Helen Rosner takes a harder line:

"Fancy restaurants should not have to specify no babies in precisely the same way they should not have to specify yes pants." And New York Post restaurant critic Steve Cuozzohad an idea: "Parents should leave tot w/coat check as Diane Keaton attempted in 'Baby Boom.'" Also there is a prolific @AlineaBaby twitter account now.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think that parents should bring their kids to fancy restaurants? Scroll down and share your thoughts and ideas.

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