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Cruzan the World Cup: Germany vs. USA calls for the perfect cocktail

Ready for USA vs. Germany?
Ready for USA vs. Germany?
Permission given to use photo by Cruzan Rum

While you may still be recovering from the heartbreaking draw between the United States and England that took place last Sunday, it's time to cheer up and toast to the big game tomorrow. Cruzan Rum has the perfect beverage for you to enjoy while watching the United States beat up on Germany.

The drink we'll shine a light on today is called a Bottoms Up To The World Cup. In this particular beverage, you will need to have Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum, DeKuyper Triple Sec, homemade Turbinado Syrup and Cardamom Bitters. It's a rather simple drink to make yourself, making it all the more accessible to just about anyone of age.

Go ahead and gather up yourself a mixing glass and feel free to add in all of the ingredients in no specific order. To create one of these, you'll need to add in two parts Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum, one-fourth-part DeKuyper Triple Sec, one-fourth-part Turbinado Syrup and a small dash of Cardamom Bitters.

Toss all of that into a mixing glass with ice and stir it up until you feel the blend is right. Once you're done with the mixing, make sure you have an old fashioned glass or something that is the equivalent of a whiskey glass. Add ice to the glass, pour in the mixture and enjoy!

If you're not exactly sure how to come up with some homemade Turbinado Syrup, it's fairly simple to do yourself. Just take eight parts water and eight parts Turbinado Sugar and add them together. Stir everything until the sugar has been completely dissolved, then refrigerate. The leftover syrup will last you about 30 days before you'll need to toss it.

Cruzan Rum has a wide array of other types of rum for you to choose from and you can see them all over at their website. If this recipe doesn't seem like something you'd be interested in, they also have a lot of other recipes for you to check out. The big game is tomorrow; so don't miss it as well as some delicious Cruzan Rum.

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