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CruZader: Agent of the Vatican

There’s a strong presence of uncompromising kerygma woven within the pages of CruZader: Agent of the Vatican. Our hero is Antonio de la Cruz of Pamplona, Spain, more commonly known by his foes as the CruZader, whose vocation is being the fist of justice for all of mankind. He is a man of faith who wields the Spear of Destiny with divine guidance and steadfast resolve, quickly destroying and deconstructing the plots and presence of our world’s darkest adversaries.

"CruZader: Agent of the Vatican," by Omar Morales, published through The Force Media LLC.
The Force Media LLC
"CruZader: Agent of the Vatican," a graphic novel by Omar Morales
Omar Morales

The CruZader, a complex and well-developed hero of the Roman Catholic Church, receives secret missions from the Holy See, the Pope himself. This is not a graphic novel that tosses the heavy log of religious polarization onto the raging bonfire of religious fundamentalism. Close-minded skeptics and anti-Church pouting atheists may try their best to reduce this graphic novel as a sensationalized narrative promoting misguided zealotry in order to lift up the banners of Christendom. If anyone perceives CruZader as such a novel, they probably haven’t read it. Rather, and as he should be, the CruZader is an intense warrior who seeks to defend all, protect all, and pray for all.

So, upon whom does the CruZader dole out the justice? Universally speaking, it’s a safe bet to say our communal consciousness feels it vital to stomp out the forces of evil (fictitious or real), specifically the Ku Klux Klan, or evil outer-world shape-changers bent on bringing mankind to its knees, or a possessed demonic soul seeking to lift up dark forces, or even radical Islamic extremists who wave the flag of militant Sharia Law and strive to place their ideologies upon the entire globe.

Villains beware. The CruZader is on his way.

Over six fast-paced episodes, CruZader: Agent of the Vatican stands as a pulsating read. Fans of graphic novels will be entertained and escorted through a fictionalized narrative steeped with heavy action, clever quips, and a repeating triptych flow of judgment, punishment, and salvation. In no part does this graphic novel slur or misrepresent the Roman Catholic faith. It’s an explosive dive into the fantasized world of the CruZader.

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CruZader: Agent of the Vatican
Creator & Script: Omar Morales; Pencils & Inks: Joel Cotejar; Colors: Mike Dolce; Letter: Jaymes Reed
The Force Media, May 4th, 2014
ISBN 978-0-615-94370-1, hard cover
$19.99 USA

Copyright © 2014, Tony R. Rodriguez,

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