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Cruz renounces Canadian citizenship, Canada renounces him

After routine daily renouncing, Ted Cruz mistakenly renounces Canada after which Canada renounces him
Steve Pope/Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz has retained lawyers to legally renounce his citizenship with Canada. At the same time he met with billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

“Renouncing is a large part of what senators like me do” he said, “I routinely renounce something every day.” It’s cathartic and keeps the liberals on their toes.”

When told by his staff that he was renouncing his Canadian citizenship, he joked “I’m Canadian? I don’t look Canadian do I?”

Mr. Cruz said that he’d discussed his birthplace with Mr. Trump but “not in any significant respect except to have him donate millions to my campaign.”

Trump laughingly said, “Don’t worry Ted you look like you were born here.”

The Dallas Morning News reported in August that Mr. Cruz’s parents lived in Calgary when he was born, and they only moved to America when he was 4 years old.

Senator Cruz said he only discovered he held dual American-Canadian citizenship after the paper reported it this year. “My parents told me I was born out of the country but I didn’t think that included Canada.”

Cruz wants there to be no doubt that he’s 110% American which is why his office said he’s taking dramatic action. He doesn’t want the issue to become an albatross as it did for President Obama and is increasing the size of the lapel flag pin he wears so it can be seen from a distance of at least 100 yards.

“It’s all about symbolism” he said as he was getting fitted for the giant flag, “This won’t slow me down a bit. It’s as stable as Iraq.”

For their part, the Canadian Government has issued a statement that says in part, “Really, you can have him.”

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