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Cruz Azul thrashes Veracruz

Mariano Pavone of Cruz Azul heads the ball against Veracruz FC.
Mariano Pavone of Cruz Azul heads the ball against Veracruz FC.

The maquina cementera is on the rise once more reaching their fourth game in the Clausura 2014 without defeat. Cruz Azul destroyed Veracruz FC 4-0 at the Azul Stadium to kick off week 4 action of La Liga MX.

From the start the Azulinos were in charge of the field. They were reaching goalkeeper Edgar Hernandez’ net with ease. The visiting squad showed very little resistance to the Cruz Azul attack. It was a matter of time before the Mexico City based squad would break the net.

In the 29th minute, Ecuadorian Joao Rojas took the ball into the area and shot. However, the ball hit defender Leiton Jimenez. Rojas was able to recover the rebound and shot once more, this time past the goalkeeper for the 1-0. Rojas had been very active on the pitch and his persistence paid off with the opening goal.

Again Veracruz gave up control of the pitch allowing the home side to create more options. The attacking team forced a corner kick in the 37th minute. On the shot, Colombian Luis Perea elevated and headed the ball to the keeper’s left side. Hernandez dove and managed to touch the ball, but could not prevent it from entering his net. Cruz Azul doubled the lead, a just result as the red sharks were practically inexistent on the field.

Just when it looked like the game would go to break with the 2-0, a foul outside the area gave Cruz Azul one more shot. Alejandro Castro headed the ball after the initial shot on the foul. The ball headed to the center where Argentine Mariano Pavone ran in and pushed the ball into the net for the 3-0 in first half compensation time.

The second half was a bit different with Cruz Azul guarding the ball and managing spaces keeping Veracruz from making any threat to their net. It looked like the blue squad was satisfied with the 3-0 and wanted to rest up.

But the home side would get one more goal on the board. This time it was Olympic gold medalist Marco Fabian who would beat Hernandez. Fabian generated the play from the far side of the field taking the ball into the penalty area before stopping, assessing the situation and chipping the ball to Rogelio Chavez who was inbound. Chavez pushed through the defense and let the ball roll back to Fabian. The former Chivas striker hit the ball past Hernandez who had already anticipated a shot from Chavez.

Cruz Azul won the game 4-0 and continue hegemony over Veracruz at the Azul Stadium. This is the fifth game in a row that the red sharks lose in Mexico City. Cruz Azul will visit Chivas de Guadalajara in their next encounter. Veracruz will host Puebla FC.

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