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Cruz Azul send Jose Villarreal to second-division Cruz Azul Hidalgo

Robbie Rogers and Jose Villarreal
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

On Feb. 18 Cruz Azul released a statement on its website saying Jose Villarreal had been sent to its second-division affiliate Cruz Azul Hidalgo. Villarreal was sent in order to continue to adapt playing in Liga MX. Sending him to a club where he will get more minutes and possibly start is better for him. He is a definitely a great player for having been loaned by the Mexican club, even if it has sent him to its secondary club.

Villarreal is a great forward for LA Galaxy, who developed in its academy. He was signed as a Homegrown Player and did well in the club. He is definitely a favored rookie among the fans, who had nicknamed him Inglewood, because of his hometown. The club seized the opportunity to loan him to Cruz Azul in hopes of him getting more minutes and continuing to develop as a player.

San Jose Earthquakes' former midfielder Rafael Baca also has been sent to Hidalgo. Baca played with the Earthquakes since 2011, but he signed permanently with Cruz Azul at the same time Villarreal was sent on loan. Baca is actually a Mexican citizen born in Tuxpan. There is a window of adjustment for the different style of play between the leagues. Hopefully both players will do well with Hidalgo.

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