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CRUSH Now With A "V" (CRVSH)

CRVSH (Drummer/Singer Jimmy Dunn, Singer/Producer Daniel Sion, and Lead Guitar/ Singer Aaron Sion) aka CRUSH released their brand new 15 track album called "3D" on Saturday January 11th, 2014 at The Studio On 4th. The boys had opening acts; Ladies and Gentlemen, (DJ) Teewrecks, and Former CRVSH member Ryan Parker perform. The Night Started with Teewrecks doing his jams, then new band out of Carson City, Nevada 'Ladies and Gentlemen' did their set. last but not least opening performer was Ryan Parker doing his fan favorites; "Mercy Me", "The Zone", some brand new songs and closing with " Blow You Away" (Tetris Remix). As soon as CRVSH hit the stage all the family,fans and friends got closest to the stage as they could, the club was packed with dedicated fans! Jimmy, Aaron & Daniel did most of their performance with songs from their brand new album. "Crazy", No Sleep Tonight, "Rain", "No Givin' Up", "Makin' Paper" and more...Also did some fan favorites as well like; "Lose Control"and "WOW". A special request of "5-4-3-2-1" from Jimmy Dunn's mom Cori Dunn. In honor of the album entitled "3D" CRVSH had some 3D videos playing in the background behind them. The only way to see the screen in 3D is if you got the special limited edition version of the album which included 3D glasses, (Only sold at the release concert) Thank You To Everyone Who Came Out To Make This Album Release A Night To Remember!

Ryan Parker and CRVSH; Daniel Sion, Aaron Sion, Jimmy Dunn,
Ryan Parker and CRVSH; Daniel Sion, Aaron Sion, Jimmy Dunn,
Skylar Owens