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Crumbling CNN humiliates itself with fake Michael Brown audio‏

CNN's biased and corrupt reporting continues to decimate its credibility, implode its ratings, and force widespread layoffs. Much like when they were caught fabricating blatantly erroneous "evidence" that Mark Zimmerman used a racial slur against Trayvon Martin, they have now also been caught fraudulently peddling an obvious racial hoax to frame Darren Wilson as a bigoted murderer.

Members of the Ferguson Police department wear body cameras during a rally August 30, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri
Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Despite all the evidence indicating that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson fired six shots at Michael Brown in self-defense as Brown charged his car and attacked him, CNN blindly insisted on clinging to its "exclusive" fake audio recording that came from a still-unidentified source two weeks after the shooting and was pre-edited by the NAACP, supposedly indicating that 10 shots were fired. This would have required Wilson to stop and reload.

As Investors' Business Daily notes, even CNN's own experts flatly rejected the bogus audio as "a hoax" and warned the ultra-partisan leftist propaganda mill that "someone is trying to punk CNN."

But who can bother to let the facts get in the way when there are white cops to smear, black "victims" to exploit, and race-baiting Democrat scam-artists to elect.

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