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Cruising kids-free: Tips for finding a quiet voyage

Leave the kids at home and enjoy a quiet cruise among adults.
Leave the kids at home and enjoy a quiet cruise among adults.
Avalon Cruises

Thinking of going on a cruise but looking for some peace and quiet, rather than a cruise overrun with small children? Besides the obvious choice of avoiding anything related to Disney, here are a few tips for refreshing adult-friendly vacation on the high seas.

If money isn’t an issue, focus on the luxury cruise lines such as Regent Seven Seas, Silversea Cruises, or Windstar. These cruise companies cater to an adult crowd, not to mention that their price point puts them out of the range of most families. And the few kids that will be on board may have full time nannies chasing after them to (hopefully) keep them in line.

If you don’t have deep pockets, you’ve got some other choices, as well. If you don’t mind older children and teenagers, consider Voyages to Antiquity cruises which claims their vacations are unsuitable for children under 12 years old and they recommend travelers be at least 16 years or older.

There are some ships that don’t allow any children on board at any price, including P&O Cruises out of the UK, which has three ships offering child-free cruises. If you’re over 50, try cruising with Grand Circle Small Ship Cruises or Saga Holidays.

If a specialty cruise catering to adults is not an option, there are a few other things you can try to minimize the damages from little ones. Cruise during the school year while the little ones are in classes and book longer cruises where parents are less likely to keep the kids out of school for extended vacations.

So book a cruise and relax by the pool side with a cocktail, a good book or some good conversation, rather than a floating day care center.

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